Being Ill: Tipsy Tuesday


Sorry I missed Make-Up Monday.  My little sister fell ill with a horrible bug yesterday and I spent most of the evening clearing up her sick and taking care of her, so I didn’t get time to blog.  Sorry!

So, it’s Tispy Tuesday and today I’m talking about Being Ill.  What’s that I hear you cry? ‘Rosie, I don’t want any tips on being ill!’ Don’t you worry, friends.  I’m not going to start telling you how to catch illnesses, that’d be insane.  I’m just going to give you my top then tips that helped me stay sane when I was really ill for a couple of weeks.

1. Try to keep a vague routine.  Even just the basics of going from one pair of pyjamas to another, keeping up basic skin care, eating at the right times of day… All this really helps to stop your body and mind from shutting down completely and it’ll make getting back into the swing of things a lot easier when you have to go back to work.


2. Keep yourself busy.  This was hard for me because even slight movement could exhaust me, but try and get bits and bobs of work done.  I aimed to do one piece of drama school preparation a day, even if it was just typing out a monologue or reading a play, just so that when I stopped being ill, the backlog of ‘stuff to do’ wasn’t too monsterous.


3. One word… Disney!  Yup, no sick week would be complete without the magic of Walt Disney warming our hearts.  With pretty much every classic on Sky On Demand right now, it was so easy to just watch any Disney film and feel like a little kid nice and uplifted.


4. Call NHS Hotline.  Dragging your ass to the Doctors feels like such a huge chore when you’re this ill and to be honest, they’ll just tell you what you already probably know.  The best thing is to call the NHS hotline on 111 and explain your symptoms to them and they’ll give you the best advice.  I explained the new medication, my symptoms and they told me the dos and don’ts.  For example, lately Doctors have stopped advising to wrap up warm to sweat out a fever, as well as using fans or cold towels to cool you down.  I got a full half an hour on the phone to them with plenty of time to hear questions and ask questions I had, which is more than I’d get with a GP for these symptoms.  They also tell you if you need to go to a Doctor, so you know that whatever they say, they’re saying as medical professionals.


5. Home Made Lemsip.  I was drinking Lemsip like it was going out of fashion.  My dad has a recipe that involves lemsip, hot water, honey and a cap full of whiskey.  It’s so good and seriously helps, I’d definitely recommend trying this combination.  However, I ran out eventually when I was home alone.  So, I replaced the Lemsip with soluble paracetamol and lemon juice and it was just as good and had the same effect.

lemsip 5 pack £2.50

6. YouTube and Blogs.  I loved watching the SacconeJoly classic vlogs, seeing them before both kids and keeping up with them now, they’re such an amazing family.  I also did a lot of general YouTube watching because I’m starting my channel mid-October and wanted to get video inspiration and made all my lists of what videos I wanted to try.  I also loved reading all the blogs that you guys have released over the last couple of weeks, you’re forever making me add to my ‘products I have to try’ list.


7. Sims!  Ok, I don’t have Sims 4 yet, but I was quite content with spending a good few hours some days sat on my laptop creating funny little families on Sims 3.  I even got to the point of illness where I made myself, just so I could look at me and pretend I wasn’t actually ill.  That was at the start when I was still in shock about the severity of the side effects.


8. Retail Therapy.  I spent a lot of time hunting the interweb for some bargains and also spent a lot of time drooling over products I’ve wanted for ages, then giving in and buying them.  I ended up having Lush and Body Shop splurges and I also ordered the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm as well as a Tanya Burr Nail Varnish and two of her lip glosses as well.  I might have also spent a lot of time with my new colouring book and pencils that I purchased a couple of days before I got ill.


9. Keep Tidy.  It’s so easy with all the tissues flying around, endless mugs and the array of appliance leads and chargers to end up sitting in a bit of an untidy room, but make sure you have a clear up once a day at least.  Tidy room means tidy mind.


10. Layer it up.  With going from hot to cold, layer everything.  I wore cycling shorts under PJ bottoms, then a crop top under a loose vest under a cardigan/hoody then I had 3 thin blankets on standby.  So, no matter what temperature I got to, I could get comfy appropriately.


So there are my tips for being ill.  I hope you enjoyed this Tipsy Tuesday and I’ll be back tomorrow with a Well-Being Wednesday.

Much love,



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I’m Back!


So it’s been 10 days since I last blogged – I literally can’t believe how naughty that is!!  However, as you may have seen from my last blog, I was so ill.  I was really surprised, actually, because illnesses with me usually last a few days but this has gone on for what feels like forever.  It was a bad side effect from some new medication but it’s calmed down now and my general health is starting to improve, which is good because hopefully in a couple of years I can stop all the tablets finally, yay!

I’ve never had such a weird combination of side effects, it was like going from symptoms of extreme glandular fever and flu to pure exhaustion.  I’ve been sleeping most of the time, or snuggling up on the sofa having ‘YouTube snuggles’ (i.e. watching some olden days Saccone Joly vlogs, because that family is just amazing and I love them).  I kept getting really hot, then freezing, I had horrible aches everywhere (literally), my eyes were just leaking, I couldn’t stop coughing, my nose was blocked, I was exhausted, out of breath, wheezy.  When I was at my worst, I spent the whole day conserving energy just to be able to have a bath in the evening, because that truly exhausted me.  I spent this week trying to do work that I needed to do for Stage2, drama school, etc and sat in bed doing periods of work, then napping.  And I’ve had to do a couple of shifts at work this week so I actually have some money coming in, and they killed me.  I cried on the way home every time, it was horrible.  Luckily, as it was side effects, I checked with my doctor and he said I could still go out to do work or have meetings because it wasn’t contageous.

So yeah, that’s been my life for a couple of weeks…  I also have some stuff to catch you guys up on, just some little snippets of what’s been happening lately.

1. I got cast as Rosencrantz in Stage2’s production of Hamlet, coming April 2015.  I’m so excited to get cracking on rehearsals for this, and I’m going to do a super detailed blog post about the production for a Theatre Thursday in the next month.

2. Being ill has made me do a wee bit of online beauty shopping, which I am very excited to be sharing in hauls with you soon.

3. I’ve chosen all my pieces for my Drama School auditions, I’m now nearly done with all the play reading and researching and I’m just waiting for my head shots to come back so I can send off the final applications.  I’ll keep you updated as my audition dates start coming in.

4. I’ve decided that I am definitely going to launch a YouTube channel in the near future.  I’m having a big think about it all, deciding when to launch, how often to film, if I have enough content, building confidence, etc.  I’ve decided that I’m going to maybe launch a vlog channel alongside to do little bits and bobs of vlogging for fun things like Drama School Auditions, my 18th Birthday, my cousin’s Halloween themed 30th Birthday and just some general day-to-day stuff.  My aim is to try and start all this half way through October, but I am really scared and nervous about it, so if it’s delayed, it’s only because maybe I don’t feel ready just yet.

5. I’ve got lots of exciting job interviews coming up over the next week or so, so I’ll keep you posted on how those go and, if I manage to get one of them, I can start doing ‘A Week in the Office: Fashion’ blogs and similar things.  For the interviews, I’ll also do a blog post on standard interview outfit/make-up/hair.

6. There is someone pretty special in my life who I’m really excited to be introducing you to sometime soon (I say soon, it might be a month or so, but hopefully soonish).

So that’s a little catch up for you guys!  I’ll be back tomorrow with Make-Up Monday.

Much love,



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Ill Blogger – I’ll be back soon!

Hi all,

Just saying that I know I missed last night’s ‘Well-Being Wednesday’ blog, ironically because I’m not well at all!

On Tuesday, I started a new course of medicine and I’ve gotten every single side effect, except acne (thank god). I’ve got a headache, fever, swollen glands, blocked sinuses, neck ache, back ache, boob ache, complete loss of appetite and dehydration. I’m really hoping this goes away once my body gets used to the medicine because this is so horrible!

I’ve been on lots of lots of different medication all my life for lots of issues and this is the worst reaction my body’s ever had to a new tablet. Once I had a course where I was just being sick a lot but it lasted like 2 days then stopped. It might be that this tablet is ok, but just doesn’t work with the other tablets I’m taking. I’m supposed to be meeting friends at the cinema later today to say goodbye to my friend Paul before he goes to university, but I feel so sick! I’m still going to go, I’m not contagious but I don’t know how much I’ll enjoy the film.

Anyways, I’ll be back to blogging as soon as I start to feel better, but for now I’m going to be sat on my sofa, drinking our of my Despicable Me cup and playing Minion Rush with Despicable Me on the TV. I know, I’m so wild…

Much love,


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How to get Thicker Looking Hair and Natural Looking Curls: Tipsy Tuesday


Welcome to Tipsy Tuesday.  Nope, that doesn’t mean any drinking has happened.  It just means that Tuesday is the day where I share some tips with you.  Today’s tips are all about how to get thicker looking and feeling hair and natural looking curls for Autumn, without damaging your hair!

Let’s get started!

First off, I shower using the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.  These are currently under half price at ASDA at only £3.  I used to use the colour protect version of this as well, but I’m trying to let my hair fade a bit so it looks more natural to me.  After my shower, I got into my towel dress and turbie towel.  I like to give my hair as much time as possible to naturally dry, so in the meantime, I get on with my skincare, make-up and getting dressed.

showerNext, I brush and blow dry.  The reason I always brush my hair before blow drying is a) because it somehow gets rid of a lot of the water so makes it a lot quicker to dry and b) we want voluminous hair, not birds nest hair – yes, there is a huge difference!  I love using the VO5 Heat Protector spray on my hair after brushing, then running my fingers through my hair.  The heat from the blow dryer and the curlers can be damaging, so this is good for protection  It’s around the £3-4 mark and available in most places.  Also, in case you were wandering, I use the Babyliss Cord Keeper Blow Dryer, which is somewhere around the £20-25 mark usually.

brush and dryNext up is where the true volumising happens.  First, I use the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Spray (about £6) and spritz that all over my roots, in sections.  Then I spray the ends with the Schwartzkopf Dry Oil Spray (£3 ish) to give them some extra love and nourishment before even more heat kicks in.  I then blow dry my hair upside down on a cooler setting, because my hair is already dry, these products just need help working in and drying.  Then, I take the L’Oreal TXT Spray (£3.79) and spray all into my roots like the John Frieda spray and work my fingers through it, ruffling it up to get a thick volume.  I then use my Schwartzkopf Urban Fudge Hairspray (£4.99) to set this volume and give a bit of volume to the ends.  Also, my hair is super silky right now, it needs some hair spray in it if there’s any hope of any curls happening.


This is roughly the size portion of hair I lift when spraying product into my roots.

This is roughly the size portion of hair I lift when spraying product into my roots.

And this is what my hair is looking like at this stage in the process...

And this is what my hair is looking like at this stage in the process…

You can stop there, I mean that’s a lot more volume than my hair naturally has, so I’m happy with that.  However, I’m absolutely adoring these style of curls at the moment and wear them pretty much every day.  So, I take my Babyliss Pro Curl and have it on the following settings: Maximum heat, only 8 curls and going in the direction that goes away from that side of the face (I have to swap that when I switch sides).  They come out pretty nasty looking at first.

nasty curls

So I wait about a minute for them to have cooled, spray them with hair spray to really make sure they’ve cooled down and will start to set and then start gently working a brush through the curls.  I then give a quick spritz of the TXT spray and Hairspray and… Viola!


I just adore these curls!  They look so voluminous and pretty and look good with everything.  This style holds itself really well, too, so this will stay with me for a day or two, even under a shower cap, until I wash my hair again.  Another way to style this is the pony tail and scrunchie, which I opted for today.


I think this is also a really cute, casual style that is wearable with pretty much everything.  I also think scrunchies are super adorable!  You can also use these curls to create a top knot, bunches, a thick messy bun, anything.  Don’t limit yourself to scrunchies either, try using ribbons and bows, they also look great!

Hope you enjoyed this Tipsy Tuesday,

Speak to you tomorrow,

Much love,



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*NEW* Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation Review: Make-Up Monday

Happy Monday, girls!

I’m hoping everyone’s had a gentle day, without going back after the weekend feeling too painful!  So, today is Make-Up Monday and I have a review coming your way.  About a week ago, maybe even less than that, I decided I wanted to try a new drug store foundation so popped into Boots and saw this little beauty.


Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation in the shade 50: Natural

“Infused with subtle skin luminizers for healthy-looking, glowing skin that’ll light up the room”

When searching for a new foundation, I prioritise radiance and a light-medium coverage that won’t make my skin oily.  This foundation ticked every single box.  What drew me to it was the ‘Luminizer’, because obviously that means it’s radiant, then I used the tester on the back of my hand, loved the consistency so bought it.  I haven’t had a single problem with oil control wearing this, I haven’t even had to touch up powder – it’s that good!


This is me with literally nothing on my face.  I’ve moisturised, but that’s about it.  I don’t have serious acne problems or anything, just some dark circles under the eyes, a couple of minor blemishes and a tiny bit of redness.  I’ve always been lucky to not have skin problems except for a bit of oil control, so I really dislike wearing heavy coverage foundations.  P1040150


All I need is the tiniest half pump on the back of my hand.  I prefer to dot foundation over my face before blending because you get a lot more out of the product than if you put the brush into the foundation and then start blending.  This also makes it easier to control a sheer, even coverage.


Now here I am with the foundation on.  As you can see, I barely used any, but it came out brilliantly.  The coverage is really smooth, even and natural looking.  It’s sheer enough to still be able to see my beauty spots, which is kind of my test for foundations because if they cover up my beauty spots, I feel like I don’t look like me and it’s way to heavy a coverage.  I did put on a spot of the Rimmel Matte Primer before applying, but that’s just a personal preference because primer just protects and helps your skin.

So, some key points about this foundation:

1. The texture is very thick, almost as if it has been whipped.  However, it blends out really well and spreads far.  I’ve never used a foundation with a thick texture that has been able to do this.  The great thing about this is that you get the sheer coverage, but also all the benefits of a thicker consistency.  The whipped element fills in pores really well and seems to be stopping any excess oil coming through at all.

2. The finish is amazing.  So natural looking, but you also just have a really healthy glow about you.

3. Good for your skin.  I haven’t had any problems with oil or blemishes since I started using this.

4. Good price.  At £11.99, it is slightly more expensive that most drugstore foundations, but only by a couple of quid, but it’s so worth it.

5. I’m not 100% a fan of the packaging.  I like the swirliness of foundation inside the bottle, I just think the plastic gold and the plastic lid look a bit tacky rather than luxurious, I think foundations with black lids/pumps always look nicer and imagine this with black wherever the gold was.  Already so much snazzier looking!

6.  This lasts for hours and hours, even without primer.  Personally, I always use primer  just because it’s healthier for your skin and always just lifts your skin.  However, just as an experiment, I wore this without primer when doing the housework all day and it stayed put really well.

So there you have it!  My Make-Up Monday Review on the Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation.  This has only very recently come out, so I’m hoping my review will get you guys all on this new band-wagon with me!

Just to let you know, I’ll also be reviewing the brand new L’Oreal Paris So Cotoure Super Liner next week on Make-Up Monday, so keep an eye out for that!

Much love,



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What’s In My Bag?: Something Sunday

Hello girlies!

Hope you’re weekend is going great, remember to keep pampering yourself and get some rest :)

So today is ‘Something Sunday’, so I’m coming at you with a What’s in my Bag? post.  I love watching these on YouTube and reading them on all your blogs, so I thought I’d show you guys what’s in there.

P1040061 P1040062

First of all, the bag.  This is a lovely simple bag from H&M, i got this in New York for $20 – bargain!  It’s the perfect size for day-to-day life and is black so goes with literally everything!  I always keep my bag on the chest at the end of the bed, it just means I’m never looking for it in a mad rush.  Let’s open it up…


contents numbers

1. Cath Kidston Purse – I’ve had this for at least 18 months now and it’s lasted me reall well.  There are a good number of card slots for me to organise my license, club cards, vouchers, etc.  There’s a nice big coin section too.  The pattern is really nice and it’s a water proof material, typical Cath Kidston style.

2. Cath Kidston Glasses case – I got this last Christmas and it’s just a really pretty case and fits my glasses in perfectly.

3. Sephora Make-Up Bag – This is where I keep all my toiletries, cosmetics, etc that I carry around day-to-day.  I’m going to show you exactly what’s in there in further down.  I got this bag as a part of a Limited Edition Brush set, which you can read my review of here.

4. Slipper Socks – These were part of a 2 pair set from Primark for £3.  They’re super comfy and thick and I carry these around because when I go to other people’s houses or rehearsals, I don’t like keeping my shoes on, so I always swap to slipper socks.

5. Note book – I’ve just finished this one now, but I always carry a little note pad around with me for on-going to-do lists in the front, then blog post schedules/ideas in the back.

6. Sunglasses – From H&M for £4.50.  These are really cute and match pretty much all my outfits and with this weird Indian Summer Heat Wave that we’re having in England, I need to always have these on me when driving, otherwise I literally can’t see.

7. Stage2 Business Cards – This company is really important to me, which is why I always carry around business cards to hand out to anyone I meet around and about who might be interested.

8. Keys – Just my car keys, house keys and the keys for work.  One key chain is a little monkey and the other one is an RSC bottle opener that I got when I signed up for their 16-25 key card scheme.

9. Biros – for writing in my notebook/diary, I always have different colours because I have a little bit of colour coding going on.

10. Phone – I hate this phone.  I broke my iPhone a month or so ago, so this is just my replacement until I get my new phone (hopefully this week!)

11. Play – I always carry around a play or a book with me.  At the moment, I’m taking plays around because I’m reading the plays my audition monologues come from.  This is Picasso’s Women by Brian McAvera – such a beautiful play exploring the lives of the women involved with the famous painter.

12.Diary – just normal from WH Smiths going from 2014-2015, it’s super slim and is enough room for anything I need to write in for the days.

makeup contents

1. Benefit Browzings – for a bit of brow touching up.

2. Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder – in the shade Translucent just to stop any shininess.

3. Soap and Glory Hand Food – this is the most amazing hand cream.  I love it so much and use it all the time just to help keep my skin nourished.

4. Boots Nail File – I’m trying to kick my nail biting habit, so I always bring a nail file to get to anything that I’d otherwise bite.

5. Travel hair brush and bobble – This is so useful because it’s a brush and comb so I can touch up any styles, I also wrap a bobble around it so that if I need to tie my hair up, I can.

6. Hand wipes – so useful, you never know what you could spill or touch and so this is so important for just keeping my hands fresh and clean.  Also really useful for make-up malfunctions.

7. Real Techniques Shader Brush – this is actually what I use to apply the powder for Browzings, so it keeps it topped up.

8. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – If you’ve read my Dupe VS High End: Maybelline Fit Me VS Nars Creamy Radiance blog post, you’ll know I adore this concealer for every day use and I like keeping it in my bag for little touch ups if necessary.

9. Real Techniques Powder Brush – I know this has the bottom of the handle missing, but I don’t mind because now it fits into any make-up bag for on the go.

10. Rimmel London Lip Gloss – this was just the lip gloss I was wearing the other day.  I always swap lip glosses and lip sticks in and out of here every day.

11. Impulse Travel Body Spray – in this heat, it’s good to have something fresh smelling in case you start getting a bit sweaty.

12. Contact lenses – in case mine pop out and I’m in a situation where I can’t wear my glasses (like at work).

13. Nivea Honey Lip Balm – this is so nice and nourishing for your lips, so I always have it around to keep them hydrated.

14. Contact Lense Solution – sometimes in different environments, my lenses start to feel a bit dry or irritated, so this is really good for a simple solution.

15. Pain killers – I have a thing where if my blood sugar drops really low or if I’m in a certain type of light, I can get head aches.  I can usually predict them, so I just take a pain killer if I feel one coming on and it helps to stop it.  Also, it’s useful to carry these round because when you hang around with females, someone is always on and in need of pain relief.


On one side, there’s a couple of little pockets.  In the bigger on is where I keep my keys and the smaller on is for business cards and pens.

On the other side is a larger zip pocket, in which I keep glasses, sunglasses and my phone.P1040076The rest of the stuff is kept in the main pocket.  Of course the contents of my bag varies day to day, and I will usually have things like water and gum or a snack when I’m out for longer.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I always love reading these and I hope you like reading this and having a nosey into my handbag.

Much love,



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Meet my Animals: Super Short Saturday

Hi all,

I know this isn’t a ‘normal’ post, but as I sit snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of tea, watching Disney films and recovering from last night, I am surrounded by three dogs and two cats.  I love my animals so much, I thought I’d show you guys the cuties in a super short blog post!

First, the cats!



This is my Tuxedo cat, Benjamin, as an 8 week old kitten and last Christmas.  He’s my little boy, I love him and he always comes and has chill out time with me when I’m chilling or working.


This is my brother’s cat, Beatrix (Trixie).  We got her after Ben’s brother, Joey died, a couple of years a go.  She’s a proper fuss pot and always wants something, which is why I don’t like her sleeping in my room at night because she just wakes you up.  I still love her though and she’s good for cuddles.

Now on to the dogs…


This is Bonnie.  We got her in 2003 as a birthday present to my mum, when she was only 10 weeks old and I was six.  11 years on, she’s a lovely little old lady and I love spending time with her.  She’s the one who’ll just happily sit there and listen for a bit.

bon and pups IMG_0313

Then in 2007, Bonnie had three beautiful puppies, originally named Holly, Dasher and Lucky, the first two with slight Christmas themes as they were born 22nd December, and Lucky because she was nearly still born, but we cleared her passages using a scooby string.  We changed Holly to Isla and kept her.  She’s quite scared of unfamiliar dogs, but she’s so lovely and loving.

IMG_3639 IMG_4364

This is the newest addition, Boo.  She’s my dad’s retirement dog and we got her last December, when she was 8 weeks old.  So small, so cute.  She’s still cute now but she has gotten huge and still is in the awkward phase of not knowing what to do with her limbs.  She’s so funny to watch and walk, and I love her puppy face and energy.

So yeah, those are my animals, I love them all and I hope you can see why.

Much love,



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