My 18th Birthday!

Happy Sunday, ladies!

So, last Wednesday (3rd December 2014) was my 18th Birthday!  It felt so nice to FINALLY be 18 – being moved up a year when I was younger, my age has always confused me, because I felt the same age as all my peers in my classes at school, but I was a year younger.  The last year at college was the most annoying with everyone being given this pass into adulthood except me (even though I felt like I should have had one) – so it was nice to finally feel like I’d caught up.  Also, I think once you get past 18, it doesn’t really matter anyway (except for maybe 21).

ANYWAY, I’ve been super duper busy the last month so it was amazing to just have a really nice day without the worries of work, auditions, rehearsals, etc.  I started the day with a lie in – the first time I’d slept in past 7am in over a month – bliss!  Then I did my make-up…

snapchat story

Lipstick: Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 101 – Eye Shadow: Seventeen Trio Eye Shadow in Vengance – Mascara: L’Oreal So Couture Million Lashses – Eyeliner: L’Oreal So Couture Super Liner – Foundation: Nars Sheer Glow – Bronzer: Nars Laguna – Blusher: Nars Orgasm – Brows: Benefit Browzings

This was the Snapchat story I put together once I had done my make-up and got dressed – my hair is only done in the last photo… I think this is a really nice winter make-up look, you could wear it clubbing or just to dress up an outfit for Christmas shopping.  If you want a tutorial – let me know!  Below are some more mugshots of my outfit…


Jumper: New Look – Skirt: New Look – Tights: Morissons – Shoes: New Look – Leather Jacket: Charity Shop – Necklace: Birthday Present – Scarf (briefly seen in far right photo): New Look

Genuinely didn’t realise how New Look I was until I wrote the Caption!  I am loving everything they have in there right now though – it’s so nice, affordable and flattering.  I think this outfit was perfect for what we were doing that day, it kept me warm and the dark colours meant that the red lipstick really popped.  I love tartan patterns and that skirt is so cool and comfy, doesn’t ride up or anything.  For my hair, I did loose, messy curls using my Babyliss Pro Curler, the brushed through, added some moose and put all but a small section of front hair into a pony tail, then tucked that front section behind my ear.  This kind of gave it a casual, but classy look.  The Necklace was one of my birthday presents that I was given just as we were about to leave – the pendant on it is my moon sign.  Your moon sign is figured out by judging exactly where the moon was in relation to you the minute you were born – so my mum had to tell them the time of day, the country, the hospital, everything.  Turns out, my moon sign is Virgo, and this necklace shows the Virgo sign with a moon over it – I love it!

Not wearing my Moon Sign necklace in this photo because I got that just as we were about to go out the door for lunch :)

Not wearing my Moon Sign necklace in this photo because I got that just as we were about to go out the door for lunch :)

The day pretty much went like this…

After getting ready, myself, my Mum, my Dad and my Auntie (who was over from Atlanta, Georgia for a couple of weeks) went out for champagne, cocktails and Italian Tapas at this great place in town called Fumo.  The food was AMAZING and the drinks were even better.


lunch with people

Then, my Dad went home and the girls went Ice Skating, round the Birmingham Christmas Market and then did a bit of shopping (I might have accidentally gone crazy in LUSH)…

ice skating IMG_0985

Then we went home, ate some cake and opened my presents (blog on presents coming soon!)

bithday cake

The cake on the right was one my mum had made by this amazing woman who lives locally – it was my favourite flavour (caramel and baileys), but I had no clue she had got this as she’d bought a Red Velvet cake to act as a deploy!

Then we had a Thai Takeaway (my favourite!!).  We then watched TV and chilled for a bit (with our LUSH Fresh Face Masks on)…

face masks

My sister had the Cupcake one on, I had the BB Seaweed one and my Mum and Auntie used the Ayesha one.

We also had a lot more to drink…

It was such an amazing day – I am so grateful for the family and friends I have.  I’m yet to have my first legal night of clubbing, but when I do – you’ll hear about it!!

Thank you to my family for organising such a lovely day, it was one I’ll never forget!

family pic

Much love,



‘The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate’

Back to Blogging!

Hello everyone!

Long time, no see!  My last post will tell you that I had some technology troubles over a month ago which meant that a lot of my posts I had lined up went missing and it was basically just a hot mess and as much as I’ve tried to re-do them and find time for it all, it just hasn’t happened.  I got a new job at the start of November and now work around 30 hours a week, plus my extensive commitment to acting… I’ve literally been doing 12-19 hour days throughout the month of November and am continuing to do so as we move into December.  Blogging has been something I’ve been like ‘I’ll do this when I get home tonight’ – fast forward to me getting home at 11.20pm, having done Acting for 8 hours in the day, then worked for 8 hours in the evening, covered in coffee and beer… beauty and blogging aren’t on my mind, to be honest – sleeping is!

I was trying to re-do old blog posts, but they’re so out of date now because some of them were initial product impressions and now I’ve nearly finished those products… So now, I’m starting a fresh!  Tomorrow is my 18th Birthday and you can expect a Birthday Hair/Make-Up/Nails/Outfit post, as well as a post about the day, any presents I got, all that fun stuff.  Plus, with the festive season coming up, I’m hoping to do some festive recipes, DIYs, winter fashion posts… I’ve got lots and lots of posts ready and stored in my head – it’s just a case of writing them and I’m going to do my best to try and squeeze in blogging time from now on!

Why am I blogging this second?  Well, I’m in Scotland – in the Glasgow Waterstones/Costa.  Why am I here?  Because I had my audition for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland today and as there is a chance of getting a recall in the afternoon, you can’t make travel arrangements earlier that 6.30pm which is when the recalls finish.  Sadly, I didn’t get an afternoon recall, but I genuinely really loved the school, the facilities, the students and really want to audition again next year.

On the topic of auditions… I’ve got them all coming up now!  I had my LAMDA Audition last week, but didn’t get a recall.  However, I wasn’t that gutted.  I’m not gutted about rejection, it’s all a part of the industry and process.  It’s rare to get into Drama School the first year of auditioning – so I’m not sweating it at all.  Just throwing myself into it, deciding which schools I like, so that when I come round to auditioning again (unless I somehow got in this year) I can narrow down my choices and really go with what works for me.

There’s not much else extra going on, other than the new job, other than that nothing else is new… well, a couple of things are (like special people in my life), but I’m going to announce all that jazz and fun stuff in little blog posts as and when I feel ready.

Oooh, one more thing… because I literally live in either rehearsal clothes, work uniform or pyjamas nowadays, I’ve become a lot more experimental with fashion.  I’ve tried to come out of my comfort zone of leggings and some kind of oversized top/jumper/shirt with docs, because to be honest that’s mainly what I wear to rehearsals and it’s so rare for me to go out socially that I’m making more of an effort.  I’m not turning into Lady Gaga or anything, but I’m just trying to be a bit more up to date and focused in on seasonal fashion.

For now, please leave below in the comments any blog posts you’d like to read from me – any questions, acting, make-up, my job, recipes… literally anything.  I’d love to have some suggestions from you guys, it’d really motivate me to keep blogging and get back into the habit.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I can’t wait to get cracking on some more!

Much love,



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Technology… Why?

Hello everyone,

This is an apology post on behalf of technology.  Why?  Because it has failed me, and therefore has failed all of you.  Knowing I was going to be extremely busy for a couple of weeks, I did a huge blog purge and set them to upload by themselves every day at 9am.  Not only did none of them do so, but they have all disappeared from my posts!

I don’t know why or how this happened, but I’m very very sorry.  There were so many good haul posts and reviews in there as well!  Oh dear, not good.  So, I’m going to try my best to get a few blogs up and running in the next couple of days but literally no promises because I’m running around like a headless chicken at the moment.  I was just on Instagram then realised I hadn’t had any WordPress Notifications from the app all week about likes/comments/followers on my post or entries into the giveaway post I thought had gone up, but then there was just nothing and I thought ‘Jesus, I didn’t realise all these blogs were that awful’, then I realised what had happened.

I’m so annoyed and upset but hopefully I’ll be able to redo them all and get them to you ASAP!

Much love,



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Liebster Award!


So today I’m veering off my usual ‘Tipsy Tuesday’, because the lovely Becky at BeckInABlog nominated me for the Liebster Award!!  Thank you very much Becky, it means a lot to have been nomianated.  I can’t believe that I started this blog less than three months ago, and already I’m getting prepared to host my 100 Followers Celebration Giveaway.  How has that even happened? If you haven’t already, you should go and check out her blog!  Like me, she’s a fellow actress with a passion for all things beauty, only she’s graduated from Drama School and I’m still waiting to do my auditions to go…


For any of you reading this who aren’t familiar with this particular award, the rules are this:

1. You must link back to the person who nominated you (done already, look how efficient this all is…)

2. Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you

3. Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and come up with 11 questions for them to answer

4. Let them know about their nomination!

So… Becky gave me these 11 questions and I’m going to go ahead and do my best at answering them :)

1- What is one beauty product you couldn’t live without?
2- What are your favourite lazy day activities?

I like to watch rubbish on TV, do a bit of lazy cooking (like a stir fry), watch YouTube videos, read blogs, online window shop, have a LUSH bath…

3- The outdoors or indoors?

Even though I spend a lot of my time being forced indoors because of working, I love the outdoors.  I love camping, hiking, walking the dogs, just being outside.  It’s so nice and just makes me feel a bit more like a human and less like a weird little work drone.

4- Pool or the ocean?

Pool.  I love the Ocean, but the salt water is just a no no for me.  I wear contacts and whilst I can get away with wearing them in a pool and keeping my head above water in a pool, in the ocean, if a tiny bit of water got in my eye I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and swelling.  Ewwwwww.  Pools just feel cleaner and more refreshing.

5- City or countryside?

This one is so difficult.  I love city life.  Just love it.  I prefer the atmosphere of cities and the way in which they function, it suits my frame of mind.  However, I grew up in the countryside and I love the outdoors, so it’d be really hard to choose.  I think I’d have to say city, but spending lots of time in secret undiscovered areas of the parks and going on holidays to the Lake District.  Is that answer cheating?  Oh well…

6- Favourite travel destination?

Ahhh!  Again, so so diffcult!  I have three… The first is Phuket, a small Island just off Thailand.  We’ve been going to the same resort every few years since I was probably about two years old and it’s so amazing.  You can go on speedboat tours, ride Elephants, get amazing massages on the beach.  Also, because we know the resort so well, it’s so easy for us kids to know our way around the resort and the Island and just go off and do our own thing.  The next one is New York City – the total opposite.  Like I said before, I get on with city life and New York is just a summary of everything I love.  I really want to go back and even live there for a few months if I could, I feel there is just so much to do and see there that I need to discover!  The final is… Orlando, Florida.  Yes, I love Disney.  Actually, that’s the biggest understatement of the century.  We’ve been going there for literally years.  I love all the theme parks, Magic Kingdom is always going to be the best because of how overhwelmingly exciting and cool and amazing it is, but Universal Studios is just incredible – the rides are fantastic and so are all the little shops and bits and bobs around the place.  Sea World is also super cool.  Plus, the Malls are really good.

7- One of your goals for the next 5 years?

To have graduated from Drama School, with a First in Acting.

8- What is one thing you are really looking forward to?

My 18th Birthday right now!  My Auntie is coming over from America for it, all my friends are getting together, it’s just going to be really nice.  I’ve been through a really hard struggle with my physical and mental health during my teenage years and I’m finally really happy and in a good place, and it’ll be really nice to celebrate that, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next one.  I’m also really looking forward to starting my Drama School auditions!

9- One famous person you would love to have take you shopping?

Either Gok Wan or Louise Roe.  Gok Wan is so fabulous and I’d love to have a great day out, with great shopping, some lunch, it’d be the ultimate day out.  However, Louise Roe seems to be able to transform women’s bodies and get their personalities in some fantastic looks for all occasions and I’d love to have her basically buy me a new wardrobe and show me how to wear it.

10- Favourite type of food?

Ethnic.  I’m not that keen on heavy carbs, they make me feel awful and bloated.  But I love ethnic food based around rice, noodles, etc.  Also, the flavours and textures are so so delicious.

11- Chocolate or vanilla?

Hmmmm….. Vanilla.  I love vanilla in lots of things actually, come to think of it.  A lot of my candles have had vanilla as an ingredient, I always get Skinny Vanilla Lates at Starbucks or Costa and Vanilla goes into pretty much any baking recipe with me.

There you go, Becky (and everyone else) – all 11 questions, answered!

My nominations are…

Amber Unglamor

Nicole Van Der Heide

Jakki Blogs

Hushling Beauty



I tried to find 11, honestly I did, but there just aren’t that many people I already follow who have under 200 followers!  I didn’t want to just nominate random blogs, because then how could you trust my opinion on them?

Here are your questions, ladies

1. If you could own any pet in the world, what would it be and what would you call it?

2. What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?

3. Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate?

4. What’s your Beauty guilty pleasure?

5. If you had to choose one brand to use forever, never being allowed to use products from others, which one would you pick?

6. if you had to give up foundation or concealer, which one would it be?

7. Sweet or savoury?

8. Favourite app?

9. What has been your best purchase of 2014 so far?

10. You’re other half suggests a weekend away, do you want to go on a) a city break in a suave hotel, or b) go to a log cabin in the Lake District?

11. Would you rather not have finger nails or not have eye brows?

There you go, girls!  Good luck :)

Thanks so much again to the lovely Becky for nominating me.  Every time I get a new follower or a like or a comment, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, let alone a nomination!  Thanks to all for your support that you’ve shown me since I started this blog, it means so much to me and I adore the blogging community.  That being said, I’m nearly at 100 followers and I will be hosting a giveaway as soon as I hit tit- I’ve already got my prizes lined up!  Also, watch this space for details of the launch of my YouTube channel, coming soon!

Much love,



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L’Oreal Paris So Couture Super Liner Review: Make-Up Monday

Happy Monday, girls!

Hope that it wasn’t too painful for everyone going back to work or school today.  I know I found it really hard to get out of bed today with it being so suddenly cold and miserable for the first time in ages in England today.

Anyways, I’m back with Make-Up Monday and this time, I’ve got a review.


This is the new L’Oreal Product – the So Couture Super Liner, the eye liner sequal to their new mascara, the Volume Million Lashes So Couture Mascara, which you can read my full review of here.P1040323In fact, it is so new that it is still part of the iintroductory offer, where you can only get it (but for free) when you spend more than £9.99 on L’Oreal products in a single transaction.  Considering the mascara is £10.99, you can head on down there and get both of these amazing products for that price.

I love the regular L’Oreal Super Liner and would still happily use it.  However, this is just as good, and has a lot of pros.  It’s not perfect though, and has a potentially deal-breaking con.


  • The nib is super duper fine and stays thin, even after a lot of use.  I find some eye liners can loose the fine points after a bit of use, but this one hasn’t shown any signs of that happening.
  • It lasts absolutely ages.  It’s waterproof and smudge proof.  I often accidentally rub my eyes but it doesn’t affect the liner at all.  Also, it can get very hot and sweaty at work or in rehearsals, but nothing budges this, except for my current make-up removing cleanser.
  • It’s black.  Sounds basic, but some liners claim to be black but end up being an awkward grey colour, which I hate.  If I wanted grey liner, I would’ve bought grey liner.
  • It can create any kind of line.  This is the only liner I’ve bought that has made it really really easy to create really thin lines close to the lash line that just enhance your look subtly.  Other liners I’ve used take so much delicate effort to get that effect, but you can create this look quickly with this product.  It’s also really easy to create thicker lines and wings for the Autumn winged liner classics.

To show the different looks you can create, I did one eye in a ‘thin and subtle’ (left) look and one in the ‘classic winged liner’ (right).



  • It can feel a bit dry.  Because the nib isn’t constantly dipped into ink, it can feel or look as if it’s drying up, even if it’s not really.  I find that liners that have a more constant ink supply, like the regular Super Liner, last a lot longer in general and you get more use out of them.  I’m not sure how long this one has left.  I’ve probably had it a month and sometimes think it could be drying up, which is quite a short life for a liner, especially considering I haven’t work in every single day.  My other super liner I’ve had for 3 months and it still works perfectly normally.

So overall, I love this product.  I’m just going to hold out to see how long it lasts and if the result of that is not that good, I’ll revert back to using my other Super Liner for the majority and see how that goes.  But, I do really love everything else about this product and is one of the best liners I’ve ever tried, especially in terms of application.

Let me know if you’ve tried this product yet and what you think of it!

Much love,



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Nearly at 100 Followers! (Giveaway Announcement)

Good morning girlies,

It’s come to my attention today that I’ve reached 92 followers, that’s so close to 100! I started this blog just over 2 months ago and I thought I’d have about 15 followers now!

To celebrate, once I reach the big milestone of 100, I’ll host a giveaway. I’ll go out to get the prizes some time in the next couple of days then it’ll begin once I reach 100.

Thank you so so much to all of you who follow me at the moment, and comment on my blogs. I’m really loving this gorgeous little blogging community, it’s so friendly and I really like chatting to you guys in comments, exchanging tips, and just knowing I have like-minded ladies who get the beauty enthusiast struggles ;)

Much love,

‘The struggle alone pleases us as much as the victory’

September Favourites 2014

Hi ladies!

It’s Something Sunday and I’m bringing you my September Favourites 2014.  The month of September has flown by ridiculously quickly and my life has changed path so much and so often, it’s been such a whirlwind, but I’m looking forward to experiencing the next bit of the journey in October.  I got a few bits in the last week I’ve been loving too, but I don’t feel I’ve used them long enough to call them a monthly favourite.

Anyways, without anymore side tracks… here we go!


1. John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo and Conditioner (£5.99 each)


This has been an absolute stand out for me this month.  This set has really given me amazing volume day to day as well as helping to improve the thickness of my hair in the long run.  I’d say this is my main use hair set, but I do use alternative products once or twice a week to help keep my hair refreshed and getting different treatments.  At £5.99 each, they’re reasonably priced and do a great job, so very worth the money.

2. Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hairspray (£4.99)


I’ve never really been one to have strong opinions on my hairspray.  I just use it and hope it works – I know if it’s bad, but I’ve never used an amazing one… until I gave this a go.  I heard about this ages ago in a Zoella monthly favourites, and picked this up at Boots earlier in the month and just love it.  The smell is amazing, so sweet and doesn’t make you feel like choking (unlike other brands).  It’s really really strong holding, but not sticky or stiff.  Equally, it isn’t like the ones that are so obsessed with being able to be brushed out that it has no weight or substance to it and can’t hold a style.  It’s also great for holding texture and creating big volume.  £4.99 is a great price in anyones books, especially for this quality.


1. Clarins Gentle Night Cream (£41 for full size)


I got this sample in a goodie bag from a fashion show my mum’s friend put on.  My mum didn’t want the goodie bag so gave it to me.  There were all sorts of things in there, including six Clarins samples.  I wasn’t too keen on the rest of them, but this one was amazing.  You can even see that I cut open the top of it to get every last bit of product out.  It’s so nourishing, smells great and just left my skin feeling incredible.  Though I loved it (obviously, because it’s in my favourites), the price tag of £41 for a full size is insane and I’m not sure I could justify this purchase to myself with my low wages.  I’ll probably end up using my birthday money to treat myself to this because I’ve never tried a night cream as good as this, but I just can’t get it right now.

4. Boots Essentials Cucumber 3 Minute Clay Mask (£1.50)


I also got this in the goodie bag.  This is the full size and considering the small price tag, this has made no difference to the big impact it has made on me.  This is such a great quick fix to quickly de-stress before bed or for pampering, it’s just amazing.  It’s so cooling, refreshing and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.  £1.50 is barely anything and this is definitely worth it.


1. Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Eyeshadow (£4.99)SEPI’ve used this so much this month, it’s the On and On Bronze shade.  It looks great on it’s own or as a base to gold/brown/bronze toned eye shadows.  Also, as Autumn creeps in, these warmer colours are really coming back into fashion and I’m loving it!  It genuinely lasts the full day and helps keep your eye make-up in place.  I really want to get more shades of this because I really like it.

2. L’Oreal So Couture Superliner (Currently free in store only when you spend £9.99 more on other L’Oreal


This is so new, I can’t even get a link for it to the Boots website!  At the moment, it’s in a great trial period where you can only get it (for free) when you spend £9.99 or more in a single transaction on L’Oreal make-up.  It’s not even available online.  I urge you to go down to the closest Boots and get this on offer NOW!  This is the best eye liner I’ve ever used.  It can create the tiniest, thinnest lines that subtly thicken the lash line or it can create thicker lines for a dramatic look, or meet somewhere inbetween for the classic Autumn winged eye liner.  Flicks are super easy to create and it’s also easy to get the line tight into your lash line.  Incredible.

3. L’Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Pearl Powder (£8.99)


I got this in the shade Rose Boudoir.  I wanted a really subtle blush for my head shots earlier in the month and ended up using this pretty much every day.  It’s amazing as an every day, natural looking blush, but can also be used on top of cheekbones with other blushes to add extra highlight and shimmer.  £8.99 is a pretty good price, especially for something like this as it’s going to last me a long time.

4. L’Oreal Paris Brow Artiste Eyebrow Pencil (£5.49)


This was my first ever experience in using an eye brow pencil – before I was really sceptical because I didn’t want the ‘sharpie’ look, but I eventually gave it a go and I’ve loved it.  It took a while to get used to how much pressure to apply when filling them in and getting the shape right, but I’ve been loving the way my brows look lately.  I think they look much more natural now and last all day.  I use the shade 03 Brunette, as this is the closest to my hair colour.  £5.49 is a good price, too.

4. Boots Natural Collection Lash Care Mascara (£1.99)


When shopping for a brow pencil, I knew I’d need a clear mascara to set as I wouldn’t be using powders and waxes like in the past.  I trust the Boots Natural Collection to do the job simply and effectively, at a low cost.  This makes my brows stay on all day long, with no budging.  It’s not too thick either so doesn’t make your eyebrows stiff.  I also use this on ‘no-make-up’ days, if I want a pick me up, just so my eyes look a little more open and awake.  Also, you’d be mad not to buy this at £1.99.


1. Secret Gardens: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book (£6.79)sep3

Ok, I know.  I’m nearly 18, surely I should be over colouring.  And I thought I was (because I hadn’t done so in YEARS), but then I heard about this in a Zoella video and thought it was so cute.  Also, I’ve either been ill craving something mindless to do or I’ve been overly busy and in need of a basic creative escape that doesn’t require much thought.  It’s great to have a big of imagination and something fun to do to take your mind off any stresses for a little bit.  At £6.49, it’s also really cheap for such a high quality of book, with such detailed pictures.

2. The SacconeJolys on YouTube

saccone joly

This family, to me, is pretty much the definition of life goals.  I’ve been subscribed to them for ages, but I’d never really watched them that much.  However, I put on one of their videos when I was ill, and just fell in love with the sweet family and have watched a bunch of their big old episodes and have been following them daily this month.  They vlog their daily family life and post at 6pm every day.  They are amazing parents with two beautiful children, Emilia and Eduardo as well as six Maltese dogs.  I love watching them and I hope my family in the future is as happy and sweet.

3. The X Factor


Yes, it’s here again.  I must confess, I hadn’t really got into the X Factor in the last couple of years, but I’m hooked this year.  I love so many of the acts and have literally been able to predict everything this season, my family and friends think I’m psychic or secretly Dermot O’Leary right now, not even joking.  Can’t wait for the live shows to start next week!

There we have it!  Those are all my September favourites – let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you think of them.  I’d also like to hear what you loved this September.  I can’t believe it’s October already – how quickly the time flies when you’re having fun.  Also, it’s less than 2 months now until my 18th Birthday and I’m getting really excited!!

Much love,



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