Sephora Brush Collection: Review

In New York, I managed to get my hands on a Limited Edition set of Sephora Brushes.  They have, sadly, stopped being available, but these styles and shapes of brushes are always available in other sets or in their permanent collections.

IMG_0442The five brushes came in this gorgeous cosmetic bag, which I have used pretty much every single day since I bought the set.  It keeps all my daily essential cosmetics in it: lipstick, mascara, concealer, powder, contact lense solution, wipes, tissues, hand cream, hand sanitiser and much more.  

In the set came a dense, flat top kabuki brush, a large and small shader brush, a crease brush and a thin flat top liner brush.  The kabuki brush is my favourite kind of brush for applying foundation, I feel that so many brushes for foundation may have a nice finish, but you have to do sooo much blending to get there, wheras these dense flat top kabuki brushes are quick, easy and leave a gorgeous, buffed finish.  To be honest, the main reason I bought the set was for this brush as a lot of the other Sephora brushes weren’t as dense as this one.  I like to use the large shader brush to blend in concealer, it’s quite big and has surprising flexibility so is pretty good for applying concealer.  The other brushes, I use for their ‘on the tin’ uses and they’re all great.  I particularly like the crease brush – it makes getting 3-Dimensional eye make-up super easy.IMG_0446

Even though I can’t give you the name of this particular set,I can tell you that this was my first Sephora brush purchase and I am really happy with it.  It was so totally worth the money, they’re amazing quality, the pick up and apply just the right amount of product, they all blend out products really well to get a nice finish and they’re really easy to clean and dry off overnight, ready to use the next morning.  Next time I purchase Sephora brushes, I’ll give you a shout!

I’d definitely recommend investing in some Sephora brushes if you haven’t already!

Much love,



‘Fantasy is a necessary ingredient to living’

Note: I clean all my make-up brushes just using a bit of shampoo and warm water.  I might do a blog post on brush cleaning tips?

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